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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Putting New Thought to Existing Foundations and Succeeding in any Economic Condition!

I recently read an article, “In Finance, Recent Signs of Hiring” written by Sarah E. Needleman or WSJ.com. This article has inspired me to write my article. Enjoy!

A world of uncertainty is a world of business and community relationships lacking trust. A partnership must be built, redefined/structured, and re-thinking. Going back to the drawing is the commonality of hope, frustration, greed, etc. We all need to work together to fill our differences and not fall short of what we thought was the right thing to do. Instead commit to just knowing what your doing is the right thing.

I’m talking about commitment, passion, relationships; all common denominators requiring a quantitative amount of time. Anything worth having is worth working for. As individuals we have to make a sacrifice, to take charge in our opportunistic world; find services that people need and fulfill those requirements by providing good common quality, and respect to the unexpected and necessary changes that will be needed to improve the services or products we offer.

You see, the times haven’t changed the way business should conducted. But was has changed is the people has perceived the way business should be conducted. Moving forward, yes we are in a new world of technology, but it doesn’t take or should not take away from the communication aspect of customer loyalty, down right good customer service.

We have nothing but time…. Take time to know your customers and the customers will take time to know you.

Re think, reshape, and mold your self for success today, tomorrow and the near future. Make your self apart of the solution. Even with the economic climate, you can still be a thriving member of society its all a perception; Succeeding. Well just remember to give back, in other words pay it forward. Work hard and you will see the results.

Shaun Manzano


Putting Passion Back Into Corporate Training

I found an interesting article written by Sunder Ramachandran. The title of the article is, "Do you have what it takes to be a Corporate Trainer?"

I would like to highlight an important aspect that I feel is necessary for a success factor in this type of field. The point about Training vs. Teaching!

Teaching - present information via classroom lecture or power point presentation.

Training - Motivate, involve, restructure or simple stated from the article, "provides people with the tools and skills they need either to change their behavior."

As most trainers in the industry work with other working adults already in the field they would have to "deal with mature adult audiences who have their own experiences and perceptions." This right here really draws the line between teaching and training, training employees to develop new ways to do things.

Creating new habits or changing is always easier said than done in most respects.

Another highlight that I see which really identifies if an individual is ready to become a trainer is these very conditioned words presented in the article and they are. "Skills required for a career in training:
Trainers need to possess a natural ease in dealing with people, an ability to present themselves with confidence, speak before a large audience with conviction, a mature thought process to create training material relevant to their audience, spontaneity to respond to difficult situations with ease, a good sense of humor, loads of enthusiasm and most importantly a passion for the subject matter that is being presented."

Speaking from my own experiences, as I’ve been in the teaching/training environment for the past year, thank JIU… But back on topic… I would say that it definitely take a lot of self motivation, commitment, flexibility and down right passion to drive and influence other individual to adopt or even to accept the need for change. In the beginning, when I am in training mode, for my class I break even one down to the point that they know that they have different weaknesses; which every individual does, and I ask them to share with the class.. The all know that they are there to work on what ever weakness they have, all in efforts to better them selves. I definitely have seen an impact on my influences and management of the change process for these young adults, other mature adults who have been out of school for 20-25 years. I tried to keep it short…. Let me know what you think.

Best regards,
Shaun Manzano

Sunder Ramachandran (2007), Do you have what it takes to be a Corporate Trainer?, retrieved from web site,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Why become a Certified Corporate Trainer?

Why become a Certified Corporate Trainer?

Every industry needs training! The opportunity goes beyond the class rooms of the college and universities and brings the instructor to the business site. You will become an independent contractor for training. You’ll also have the ability to travel to other customer sites, both nationally and internationally to gain a wide range of experience in different locations.

More Opportunities…..
Expand your training opportunities and become certified in Microsoft Tools including Office! It’s all about increasing bottom line, and a more productive & efficient a companies resources are the cheaper their business will run.

What is the difference between JIU’s education certificates or M.Ed degrees? What is the current industry perspective of these certification?

Also, If I obtain my M.Ed in Corporate Training and Knowledge Management would I need to have a certification in either the: Certified Instructor or Certified Corporate Trainer?


I’ll be looking forward to your responses!

Shaun Manzano

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Job Search/Marketing Strategy

This is another neat way to make the associated networks work together, to produce a large collaborative job research tool; results will allow you to network with others through "LinkedIn", search local Salary rates, and position your self neatly right in the front seat of the job recruiter/head hunter.

To make great use of your efforts, create an account for:
*Simple hired: http://www.simplyhired.com/
*LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/
*InDeed: http://www.indeed.com/

Trust me they will all work together......


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